2007 Football Playoff Trotwood vs Edgewood
Trotwood-Madison High School Football made their 3rd post season visit since 2002 with Trenton Edgewood High School. Despite the Edgewood Cougars previous 2 wins the Rams returned this time to win in an overtime cliffhanger 33-27. The Rams advance in the playoff schedule for the first time since 1982 when current coach Maurice Douglass was on the team. Both teams have a lot of football college scholarship potential and the scouts were in abundance. (Photos by Bruce Kettelle)
1. The game got off to a shaky start with two Trotwood errors both resulting in Edgewood TDs. Behind 0-14 quarterback Dominic Britt had to scramble when his receivers were covered up.
  picture of trotwood madison rams vs edgewood cougars
2. By the 3rd quarter Trotwood trailed by 8 and when passes weren't possible Britt managed to get the ball up the field himself.   pictur of dominic britt
3. Edgewood showed they could make crucial plays when they had to. Trotwood's Chris Pearson doesn't let go of Jon Elder who averages 107 rushing yards per game.   picture of edgewood attack
4. Domonique Sams forces Jon Elder out of bounds on the next play but the Cougars kept on the heat.   picture of dominique sams
5. Trotwood's Tyler Paschal uses the block by Colin Draine to pick up a few yards in the 4th quarter.   oicture of Tyler Paschal
6. Britt didn't always get away as Cortlin Banks and Tad Buffenbarger shut down this short run.   picture of domonic britt
7. But that didn't slow down Britt on the next play as he picked up a few more yards to get Trotwood in the red zone.   picture of britt
8. Britt is looking for the sideline.   picture of britt
9. Roy Roundtree is tough to catch as Nate Thomas is finding out. Roundtree had 13 catches for 203 yards in the game.  
10. By the end of the evening temps has fallen to the 30's. Jamie Nellum tries to keep warm with the game video camera rolling to capture all the action.   picture of football camera person jamie nellum
11. Brandon Moore looks for the pass near the goal line but it is a little high.   picture of brandon moore
12. A Trotwood tradition is raising the helmets for a kick off after a score. Now the Rams were within one touchdown in the final minutes of the game.   picture of trotwood-madison rams raising helmets
13. Trotwood got the ball back with less than two minutes to go. Roy Roundtree only picked up a few yards on this play thanks to Edgewoods Johnny Harding.   picture of roy roundtree
14. It was another Britt scramble getting past Xavier Fugate that really paid off. Britt scores the tieing touchdown sending the game to overtime.   picture of tieing touch down
15. Coming back from a 14 point deficit and having a chance for an overtime win rushed through the teammates.   picture of end zone celeration
16. Britt wasn't letting go of this ball that tied it up 27-27.   picture in the end zone
17. After a few words from Coach Maurice Douglass, Dominic Britt praised his temmates and gave a peptalk that drew applause from the stands.   picture of pep talk before overtime
18. Bitt sets up for a pass as the Rams go first in overtime. But the Cougars set them back 15 yards making the goal line seem out of reach.   picture of firs play in overtime
19. Both teams came to overtime to win.   picture of rams offensive line
20. And just as suddenly it was over. Roy Roundtree scored but the extra point was missed. Trotwood recovered an Edgewood fumble on their second play ending the game 33-27.   picture of mid field celebration
21. Players and coaches poured onto the field.   picture of 2007 trotwood madison rams
22. The Rams first playoff win since 1981.   picture of midfield huddle
23. Coaches congratulate the team.   Trotwood Madison Rams 33 - Trenton Edgewood Cougars 27
24. Brandon Moore and Roy Roundtree turn to listen to coach's congratulations.   picture of Brandon Moore and Roy Roundtree
25. Coach Maurice Douglass congratulates the team. Everyone is emotional including the coaches. The Rams go on to play Cincinatti Turpin next week.   picture of rams emotional celebration
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